Our story

We are Carmen and Tim and we invite you to experience our soundjourneys. Both of our journeys started by quiting our jobs and jumping into a brand new adventure.

We both found our love for sound and how it was used in ceremonial practices in ancient times. This happened mainly because we started exploring a more natural approach to health. We found that ancient “shamanism” and the use of plant medicine in a sacred ceremonial setting can contribute tremendously to our uplifting potential as human beings. We currently live in a time where connection with our fellow community and tribe is a little lost. Creating sacred space is a way to start bringing back a connection for personal and group-growth.

Carmen is a pharmacist with focus on holistic approach through nutrition and lifestyle. She likes to combine science with the mystical and loves to explore all kind of tools that bring awareness.

Tim is a designer and all-round creative type who likes to explore the subconscious to practice a more mindful-state.


Carmen Cheung


We are all one, yet every one is so unique. My mission is to support you in your uniqueness to a balanced and thriving life. I believe the body is a vehicle to experience life to the fullest. As everything in nature is connected, so is our whole body. Holistic medicine will be my approach to focus on the human Be-ing as a WHOLE. With a pharmaceutical and more scientific background I am open to all kind of tools that bring awareness. Currently I am studying clinical psychoneuro-immunologie to have an even better understanding of all the connections in the body. This I aim to combine with a study in traditional use of plant medicine in order to provide a holistic approach. By honouring and reconnecting to the body we can experience unconditionnal love.

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Tim Verhoeven


Everything can be found in books. All deep wisdom is to be found in various teachings, whether it’s based on philosophical principle, ancient tradition, mystic knowledge or sacred books. It’s all available to us… But nothing trumps actual experience. Experiencing deep mystical states of bliss can help us better understand what wisdom-traditions have been telling us for ages. I’m in love with the perennial philosophy, which takes us back to our connection with nature. My mission is only to strive to be the best version of me can be and to spread a message of love, joy and unity experienced and shared by altered states of consciousness.

Besides being all “philosophical” I also dabble in branding & design, check it out!

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