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We are healthy, happy and joyful when we are being authentic, with ourselves and others. We all share the experience of life. By connecting to our essence, guided by honest communication, we can co-create and rediscover the joy in playing the game called life.

Become your authentic self & start living life to the fullest

Create in order to Co-Create

We are facilitators that provide various tools, such as soundjourneys, nutrition & lifestyle advice, mindfulness, meditation, plant medicine, breathwork and grounding, to coach you through your own experience of self-awareness. It’s also a platform to share information, events, blogs and our own experience. We are not only building the site, but the whole framework to support you in your personal transformation. Currently our main focus is soundjourneys, but this will expand. It is also our journey, shared with all of you that will enable a more profound space and community.

‘The only source of knowledge is experience’


Plant medicine can give you profound insights which lead to a happier and healthier life. We experienced that the use of plant medicine in a sacred “shamanic” ceremonial setting can contribute tremendously to our uplifting potential as human beings. Ceremonies & workshops about plant medicine will be provided in the future. We aim to preserve the highest respect towards this powerful transformative natural medicine. 



Transformative space, sacred space for personal transformation.

The prerequisite for transformation is being honest about who you are. Your story determines your reality, and it’s your story that prevents your true nature from showing up. We invite you to drop the mask, challenge your beliefs, and just Be – present. Always and unconditionally. Change starts from within, it’s this inner work that brings out our potential, in a world of infinite possibilities. We support this by consciously creating space for connection; with nature, ourself and each other. 


The body is a vehicle to experience the fullest potential of life. We provide coaching to live a more happy, thriving and vibrant life.

Experience the

magic of sound

The experience is as scientific as it is mysterious.
It requires nothing but your presence, but it must be experienced to be understood.

 A soundjourney is a journey inwards guided by different instruments with varying frequencies and vibrations, each resonating with different parts of the body. These tones can lead you into a meditative state, one of total relaxation in which connection to the present moment can take place.

Done in a group or individually, a sound session can be a transformation.


Upcoming Events

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Follow our  journey through a more conscious and holistic lifestyle in a busy city.


Hi! We are Carmen and Tim, living in Antwerp. We invite you to join us on our journey of discovery as we try to explore different “holistic” and coaching tools on how they could benefit us and ofcourse you! Ranging from meditation, breathing -techniques, – (amazonian) plant medicine, yoga, nutrition and all various bio-hacking tools. This is the place where we travel, explore and share the different tools and tips along our journey with you! We also love to hear from you… share your experience with us!
Alchemy of Life is not only our experience, but also yours!

The Vision Quest – Returning to simplicity

28AUGUST, 2019Crossing the bridge to nowhereThe beginning of the year we started a training called The Laughing Shaman with Lieve de Boeck. One of the main modules was doing a  Vision Quest in Portugal. So for the summer we hit the road towards...

The Mystic Temazcal – A cleansing ceremony

The Mystic Temazcal – A cleansing ceremony18MAY, 2019Our hot weekend story: Embracing the heat!We had a very fiery hot weekend. Both of us are having a training course called “The Laughing Shaman” led by the lovely Lieve De Boeck. It’s a few...

Mystic Medicine

Mystic Medicine25APRIL, 2019The combination of mysticism and science is magic. Psychedelics, psychoactive “drugs” or entheogens like ayahuasca and magic mushrooms are re-emerging and taking the spotlight…A lot of people are talking about the...

Donation based Soundjourney

Donation based Soundjourney18MARCH, 2019We decided to regularly host Soundjourneys at our place and so far it's been really great. We really enjoy the positive feedback and the cozy talks that happen afterwards. The general idea is to host it...

Harvard Goes To The Himalayas — Superhuman Abilities Of Himalayan Monks Stun The Scientists

Harvard Goes To The Himalayas — Superhuman Abilities Of Himalayan Monks Stun The Scientists15MARCH, 2019Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is actually a “mental” construction. It is fascinating to consider just how many ancient...

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