Donation based Soundjourney


MARCH, 2019

We decided to regularly host Soundjourneys at our place and so far it’s been really great. We really enjoy the positive feedback and the cozy talks that happen afterwards. The general idea is to host it around or during full-moon and new moon days.

It’s an invite for you to come and experience what we have to offer. We really like the genuine connections that spontaneously take place. 

We try and use the donations we get to invest in more instruments or give it back to mother earth. 

One of the last donation based soundjourneys, we raised enough to donate it to the Rainforest Concern and secured 1 acre of rainforest.

We could not have done this without you! So we thank you for your kind contributions! We hope to donate some more in the future! In the meantime… we keep on playing and hope you’ll come vibe with us!

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